Our First Drummer

on Nov 29

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John Nichols-Pethick “Johnny Pathos” was out first drummer. I met John and his wife Nancy out in Yellowstone Park in 1991. we were all working out there for the summer. we connected as Portlanders and it turned out that our cabins abutted each other. We all became friends over that summer. I was just learning to play at that time and John helped me along. He showed me a few songs and I still have his hand written lyrics to a couple of the songs he showed me. The Louvin Brothers’ , “My Baby’s Gone” and Warren Zevon’s “Carmelita” I still play both of those songs.

a few years later when I settled back in Portland I convinced John to join me as I put the band together. He was there as we struggled to get things going. That lasted about 6 months or so before he decided to head back to school and get all respectable and shit. John Davison came on soon after. Johnny Pathos and I are still friends and his encouragement That summer in ’91 and his help forming the band in ’95 were crucial to me.

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