Silly’s 1996

on Dec 8

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Silly’s, What can I say. Silly’s is where it all came together. Silly’s was and still is a neighborhood restaurant around the corner from where I lived at the time. I had gotten to know the owners a bit, a pair of sisters who were big music fans. I can’t remember exactly how it all went down but somehow we arranged a weekly gig there every Thursday night from 6-8. We did that gig for over a year, every week and it was where we cemented what we were about, what our sound was. It was where I learned how to play in front of an audience. This picture was taken just after I had locked in John Davison on Drums and Charlie Gaylord on guitar. This was probably 1996. We were still kind of going through bass players and that is my good friend Pip Walter in this photo in the Vest and Hat. He was filling in on Bass as he did on numerous occasions in the early years. That Lovely lady in the middle is Jenny Whitter aka Jumpstart Jenny. A fantastic singer songwriter who had wandered onto the Portland scene from Georgia that year.

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