Scott Link, Original Band Member, AKA Diesel Doug

on Oct 6

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Scott has ventured out on his own in recent years. After releasing a solo record “Coming Around”, a full band album, in 2007 he started to develop a solo act. But that wasn’t always the answer and so “Those Poor Bastards” were born. This format is full band but all acoustic with upright bass, acoustic guitars, dobro, and fiddle and with minimal (often no) percussion. Also, there are no set band members, Its sort of a “pick up” format of whomever is available for that gig.

Scott says its a fun departure from the rambunctious Long Haul Truckers and allows the stories and characters in the songs to come forward. And it gives Scott a chance to play with a lot of different and talented musicians. Sometimes you just want to sit back sip the whiskey and listen, right?
Scott Link AKA Diesel Doug


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